Friday, 29 April 2016



It comes packed with a host of features & enhancements.

The camera has been greatly improved to provide sharper images and capture anything from those epic macro shots to detailed images even in low light conditions. The proximity sensor’s performance has been optimized by including patches that will auto calibrate it every time the phone reboots. The touch panel has been made more responsive. A new firmware has been developed for faster typing and better gesture control, to give you a more fluid & seamless experience. The dialler experience has been improved and we have made lot of improvements for better device thermal management.

There have also been a host of supplementary enhancements for the audio chipset resulting in richer bass, sharper highs and an overall crystal clear audio experience.

Software details:
Cyanogen OS version: 12.1
Android OS version: 5.1.1
Software version: YOG4PAS8A8

OTA Update size: ~381 MB



(COS 12.1 YOG4PAS8A8)














  • Download the fastboot package for YU YUPHORIA.
  • Extract the contents of the fastboot package into a folder.
  • Download this flashing tools package from here.
  • Extract the contents of the flashing tools zip into the same folder
  • To make sure, check that system.img, boot.img etc files are in the same folder as flash-all.bat, fastboot.exe etc
  • Connect your phone in fastboot mode, steps for which are: -

  1. Power off your phone
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up key
  3. With the Volume Up key, connect the phone to your PC/Laptop with USB cable
  4. You can let go off the Volume Up key when Fastboot Mode is displayed on the screen

  • Run flash-all.bat by double clicking on it.
  • A command window will open and flashing procedure will start.
  • DO NOT disconnect the device during flashing procedure.
  • The command window will close after the flashing process is over.
  • Disconnect the USB cable, and boot the phone normally by long pressing the Power button.




Signature Verification Failed !! Why ?

its normal issue for rooted users .. i never tried rooting, i was faced same issue.. now fixed with recovery update...

My Yuphoria has YNG1TBS1O3. So, Will this incremental update work in my phone?

Yes it will .. if this incremental package gives error.. then you have no choice .. you have to download the full rom package 832mb

Hi, Can I use stock recovery to flash the full rom? I am running stock rom with stock recovery but I am rooted with unlocked bootloader. The incremental update gives error. Will rom flash via recovery work? thanx in advance

yes.. the problem is your mobile is rooted.. so use full rom package instead of incremental .

i am on twrp recovery can this full rom will work on my yuphoria

through Stock recovery..

TWRP also supports.. disable signature verification in TWRP before flashing

Can u let me know how to flash full rom on stock recovery with unrooted device ,al the steps plz

the same u used for incremental update on recovery is also applicable for full ROM also.. only the file differs

so i had rooted my phone and then later unrooted it by deleting the su binary. I downloaded the new update zip and flashed it, it gives an error saying flash stock rom to re enable ota. Please Help

use full recovery ROM... it will work for sure

which one to download?..

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

i am having problem with proximity sensor even after updating, like sometimes it will work and other times it wont. so iam thinking of flashing it with a fresh rom (832MB). can i simply flash with 'update zip' option ?
i am on stock rom and stock recovery.

yes.. just select the downloaded zip and flash it

thanks gokul. by the way do you think that the problem will be solved. the problem is, screen wont turn off while taking a call and the phone is near to ear. evetually it will turn off after the sleep delay given, in my case 30 seconds, and while ending calls it wont turn on again and i have to use power button to turn the screen on. but if a do a reboot, it will work for next few hours and afterwards it will be misbehaving !! what do you think?

is this the problem u faced with old update ?? or new one?

it was there with the old version and persists with the new one also

will check this ..and find a solution soon

Bro, Is flashing the FULLrom willl delete all game data ? im unable to flash the update im rooted usere getting sign errors

Bro, Is flashing the FULLrom willl delete all game data ? im unable to flash the update im rooted usere getting sign errors.. howw to backup data titanium backup not working with sd card save option ,,how to fix it

don't worry prakash... flashing full rom wont delete any of your app and app data..

it will upgrade that's all ..

gukul if we were in custum rom how to flash the stock rom any links pls ??

Itried to flash the full rom but getting same errors brother

custom ROM?? then u need stock recovery to flash..

Flash this

there was a problem in flashing the update zip from both stock as well as custom, should i download the full recovery rom ?? nd which one....the one which is old and then update dat or directly the new one?? "i have rooted my phone"

@kartik directly the new one

hey gokul bro....i had updated my yuphoria to cyanogen mod 12.1 through twrp...but now i want to revert back to original can u plz tell me which one should i download and what to do first.?

YNG1TBS1O3 download this from FULL RECOVERY ROM section

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ohh but i already started the download of YNG1TBS2P2 version and it is already completed 60%....will this version work..?

bro plzz help me i installed YNG1TBS2P2 version and now after cyanogen logo nothing is appearing except clock and battery indicator.......plzzzz help....

contact me on facebook .. search fb with "iamgkrish"

i never had rooted my yuphoria. at 2nd july i got my phone nd on that date i got a message for update and update it (incremental) then click on install now! after clicking on install now. its says rebooting then its turn off and android logo came and under the logo a line which is proccessing the update when its reaches nearly 25% phone boots into recovery mode then i click on reboot then the message again came "update available" i tried many times. and this time i downloaded the incremental update from your side but its showing signature verification failed. plz help i havent rooted it and just tried updating it after 3-4 hour after receiving the phone!

my phone was stuck on YU LOGO....what i do now ?? any solution for this ?? :(

I am not rooted and in stock recovery...
but when i try to install the incremental update it shows error....

What should i do now?

I am not rooted and in stock recovery...
but when i try to install the incremental update it shows error....

What should i do now?

i brought yuphoria mobile then the os version shows cyanogen os version....
after updating the new update it shows cyanogenmod version ....
so i don't any idea about that please help me is it correct or my original os last........

I'm Not able to install any of the zip files through Recovery Mode.....I hav to install it through Twrp Why so ? N facin lock screen prblm also its lagging

when i downloading the file after 700 mb it says link expired please help me..
i have already wasted about 3GB for downloading the stock ROM

Use uc browser to download

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hello sir, i recently purchased YU YUPHORIA on PURE ANDROID. Can i install CYANOGEN OS on it???

i suggest you to give a try on cyanogen fastboot of yuphoria

can you give me the instruction for fastboot???

yes pm me on iamgkrish fb profile

Hi Gokul.... I want to get back to cm12 lollipop onn yuphoria from custom rom but i was not understanding whether to flash the full rom 834mb using twrp or by connecting the cable with pc and phone.Can you help me in which way i should go, If possible upload a video it help so many people Thanxs in advance

use fastboot rom. its easy and more reliable method.

hi, Gokul
i downloaded the recovery rom and for flashing it i entered recovery mode and selected apply update in that it does not show the recovery rom what to do i have stock recovery and unrooted yuphoria plz help

Make sure u have pasted the zip file both on internal and external sdcard.. and then try..
if it is in DOWNLOAD folder .. paste it on the root of the sdcard. tq

Yes I have pasted it in both sdcard and internal storage but not in root so how to paste it in root plz tell me or what to do if it is still not visible

use fastboot rom bro .. it will work for sure..

Thanks but cant I flash from this recovery one only is there any solution if I root my device will I be able to do that

yes u can .. but you need to flash twrp recovery

Yes can u send me the link of twrp recovery and procedure for flashing it

And also send me the procedure for rooting it

pl. tell the procedure for flashing stock rom through twrp recovery

S2P2 is 12.0
when will be 12.1 available for fastboot

my device is rooted. can i flash this update manually ?

yes you can flash on rooted devices also using custom recovery TWRP.. Flash twrp and then upgrade to COS12.1

I got error ,signature verification failed,what should I do???

sir there is any issue with this new CM 12.1 update...

sir there is any issue with this new CM 12.1 update...

Hi Gokul

Getting Install failed error while updating 12.1 cyanogen COS 12.1 YOG4PAS47N from YNG1TBS2P2.

below is the error

System partition has unexpected content
E:failed to install /sideload/

Pls help

Hey gokul
I got an official update of cynogen os 12.1 for android 5.1.1 when I am trying to instal.only 25% is getting installed and then my phone recovery mode opens.what should I do? And I don't wanna instal it manually. So pls suggest me

do factory reset and then try downloading the update and let it flash ..

Hi Gokul

Getting Install failed error while updating 12.1 cyanogen COS 12.1 YOG4PAS47N from YNG1TBS2P2.

below is the error

System partition has unexpected content
E:failed to install /sideload/

Pls help

Hi Girish

Since my yuphoria is already rooted, I went for full recovery from YNG1TBS2P2. The setup process went smoothly. however my phone is not updated. it still showw old version..

Did I miss something


installation of full rom sucessful
after reboot
the cyanogen os logo is continously flashing but nt opening the os plz help me

I got error ,signature verification failed,what should I do??

I got error ,signature verification failed,what should I do?

Hey I won't root my phone pure cm 12.1 android 5.1.1 can it run on my phone

Hey any body tell me why this isn't installing I downloaded the latest file cos 12.1 YOG4PAS8A8. I want to update my cos 12.1 YOG4PAS47N to YOG4PAS8A8 but it shows failed to install with stock recovery . I downloaded the file which is 381.47 mb , can I have to download that YOG4PAS47N to YOG4PAS8A8 file to update

Is your mobile rooted?? What's the Current COS12.1 VERSION u using?? Is the update file properly downloaded without any corruption on data?? did u rename it to

I downloaded that latest update ROM YOG4PAS8A8 but it signature verification failed but I have a pure ROM without any root or xposed . it didn't show directly that signature verification failed . it was some red lines and install failed . did you have any solutions for that

I downloaded that latest update ROM YOG4PAS8A8 12.1 from system updates bt its not installing showing reflash ur device for ota upgrades. I unroot my mobile bt its not installing in my yuphora tell me if any solution

I can't install 12.1 YOG4PAS8A8 signature update in my rooted yuphoria. While im try to instal the downloaded update its go to the recovery mod..and i don't know the location of downloaded file.. can you plz help me ..

My yuphoria was flashed by customer center to yng1tbs2p2 and the OTA updates not getting installed also recovery intsalltion shows signature verification failed

how can we install it through twrp or stock recovery

Can I claim warranty after updating my Stock ROM to Cyanogen 12.1.

Hay browse can I use cm12. 1 on yuphoria 5010a